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Zonza Holidays

Zonza is a small town at an altitude of 800m, set against the backdrop of Bavella Needles. Zonza is located in the Corse-de-Sud, the Corsican islands of the Alta Roca region of France. Zonza is part of the Barocagio-Marghese mountain region. It is 12 kms north-south from Bavella Pass to Mount Rossu. Zonza is a popular tourist attraction of the Alta Roca region of Corsica.

Small Mountain Town – Zonza

In Zonza, some of the buildings are of as ancient as the 17th century architecture. Zonza is a picture-perfect postcard; a beautiful place. Zonza has a rush of tourists in the summer including hikers, mountain-climbers, and horse riders. In the winters, Zonza offers skiing and a much sought after tourist spot. Zonza offers superb views of the Bavella mountains and is a 40 minute drive to many Corsican beaches. The trails are way marked and one can explore Zonza by horse or on foot. Just relax at any of the cosy restaurants and pavement cafes in Zonza. The people are friendly and the village has an air of living in a community. The entire atmosphere is relaxing, soothing, and calming to your senses.

General Etiquette In Zonza

It is convenient to book for the activities early in advance, especially in the summer season of Zonza. Bring sturdy boots and convenient clothing for all the out-door activities. Climbing amenities are few and some climbs are technically difficult. Eat well as you need more stamina for more action. Learn French as a matter of convenience or carry a French phrase book. Remember, to tip some loose change by rounding off the bill amount. The French start counting from their thumbs, so keep this in mind when you signal for something.

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