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Whitehouse Holidays

If you are looking for a peaceful holiday away from places crawling with tourists, then Whitehouse holidays are the best bet for you. Whitehouse is a small fishing village situated on the south-east coast of Jamaica. It is not as developed as the northern coast and therefore less crowded. The beaches here are mostly untouched and are ideal for relaxation. There are a few luxury resorts there and it is a favourite destination for honeymoon couples as it provides a quiet and romantic ambience.

The best part about Whitehouse holidays is that you can plan to go there any time of the year. The weather is sunny and bright throughout the year which makes it very conducive for a lovely beach holiday. There are also many attractions in and around Whitehouse that you can visit whenever you get tired of just relaxing on the beach. The fish market and farmers market at Whitehouse are quite interesting and lively places you can go to. Other attractions include Dunn’s River Falls, Dolphin Cove and James Bond Beach.

Places To See

The resorts of Negril and Ocho Rios are very popular on Whitehouse holidays. These are lively Jamaican towns where you can go shopping and eating to your hearts content. The beaches are very good too and immensely popular. Long Bay, Bloody Bay and James Bond Beach are some of the best beaches there. A walk up the Dunn’s River Falls is a must on your Whitehouse holidays. You have to hold hands and form a human chain and a guide will lead you up the waterfall. It is the experience of a lifetime as you walk under the gushing water.

Dolphin Cove is a must see on any Whitehouse family holiday. The dolphins are friendly and you can swim and play with them. You can even swim with and feed the sharks there who are completely harmless. The kids especially love this marine attraction park with its glass-bottom kayak rides and pirate village. The animal displays with snakes, birds and iguanas are quite a craze with kids and adults alike.

The local farmers market and fish market are extremely lively and a fun part of Whitehouse holidays. You can go there to see the day’s fresh catch being brought in and everybody haggling over prices. It is a very busy and crowded place but worth a visit.

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