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Watamu Holidays

The Watamu village is a small Swahili fishing village and over the years it has developed into a beach resort. It is located on the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya and is 120 km north of Mombasa and nearly 25 km south of Malindi. The village is a popular tourist destination in Kenya and accommodates numerous small super marts, grocery shops, Kenyan style Dukas and leisure things such as bars and eateries. Watamu holidays are popular among beach lovers.

Watamu is internationally famous for its reef protected beaches and white sand. There are amazing options in terms of amenities and one can explore its curio and souvenir dealers, fishmongers and butchery, post office, clinics, bureau de change, plenty of roadside eateries and western hairdresser for buying all the products they need. Malindi is the closest town and it is well connected with frequent matau service. The tourists on Watamu holidays can enjoy the white sand beaches and would be surprised to watch the offshore coral formations of the three bays which are Blue Lagoon, Watamu Bay and Turtle Bay. The highlights of Watamu resort include, Mida creek with its magnificent birds, the snake farm, Malindi Marine Reserve and Watamu National Marine Park.

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