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Washington Holidays

Travelling to attractions studded cities like Washington DC is always challenging when you don’t know what to visit and which restaurant to try.

History, culture: Washington

First with North American inhabitants, Algonquian, and then the Europeans, Washington had a diverse range of occupants and inhabitants. With the Organic Act of 1871, Congress legislated a new government by which Washington, Georgetown and Washington County were assimilated to form the District of Columbia. It was until 1930 at the time of Great Depression when the bureaucracy in Washington was increased and from then on the population multiplied as well.

With its huge array of museums, memorials, art galleries and the epicentre of USA politics, the White House, Washington D.C has a strong root in its culture and is famous for acknowledging and celebrating its history. The well maintained gardens indicate towards the propensity towards greenery. Washington holidays will surely show you creative side of people with its many arts centres and world renowned theatres.

Terrain, Demography and language

With 177 square km of area, Washington DC is surrounded by Maryland and Virginia to its South East, North and South West. Almost 19.4 % of Washington DC is parkland with the highest and the lowest points being 125 mts and sea level respectively. Thus Washington doesn’t have much of a topographic difference on its terrain.

With around 591.833 inhabitants, 55.6% were black, 36.3 % were whites with Asians, Hispanics and other with a unit digit percentage share. The official language is English and is widely spoken though traces of Chinese and Spanish could be heard as well.

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