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Vilamoura Holidays

Vilamoura holidays happen on a popular tourist spot in Europe located 6 miles east of Albufeira. Surrounded by small fishing villages, Vilamoura holidays offer wide range of sports and leisure activities around its sandy beaches. Through bus and train services, Vilamoura is well-connected by Quarteira beach in nearby resort of Quarteira. With the development of stylish resorts, villas and other modern amenities in Vilamoura, considerable efforts are put in protecting nature too. So along with affluence and comfort, one can expect tranquillity in Vilamoura holidays.

Covering 2000 hectares of land, Vilamoura has huge pine forests and marshlands. Vilamoura holidays offer excellent options for leisure activities ranging from sports to laidback sightseeing. Portuguese as well as cosmopolitan lifestyle is visible in Vilamoura without hassles of the modern world. Outstanding Marina harbour is located at centre of Vilamoura which is surrounded by luxury hotels, casinos, holiday homes, sports club, restaurants and bars. Plenty of attractions are provided during Vilamoura holidays for tourists of different age and preferences.

General Etiquette in Vilamoura

Dress/etiquette code is required in golf courses of Vilamoura. You need to pay extra Euros to car hires for baby seats and border insurance. However, tipping taxi drivers is not a common practice. In restaurants, you are expected to leave 10 percent of billing amount as tip. Service charges are not added to bill in Vilamoura like other parts of Portugal. Portuguese and French are commonly used languages.

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