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Via Costeira Holidays

Via Costeira is the picturesque highway which connects Praia dos Artistas with Ponta Negra. Via Costeira is 10km long and was opened in 1983. One end of Via Costeira houses the natural reserve, Pargue das Dunas. There are many beaches here which can be accessed by visitors in the hotels in Via Costeira. Via Costeira means ‘Coastal Way’ and is the enchanting express highway which has ocean and hotels on one side and the other side is the natural reserve, ‘Park of Dunes”. Via Costeira holidays offer calm and private beach space for visitors. Via Costeira beaches are among the quietest urban beaches in Natal. The clear waters welcome guests to Via Costeira. The spectacular Via Costeira is located in north east state of Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil. The stunning Brazilian coast offers the main attraction in Via Costeira. Large beach front hotels, guesthouses and family friendly hotels line the beach making holidays in Via Costeira perfect for relaxation.

Pristine Via Costeira

Tropical climate with long stretches of beaches fringed with swaying palm trees along the blue water makes Via Costeira holidays a delight. Nature is at its best here and offers many a visual treat to visitors who come to Via Costeira. The beaches in Via Costeira are quiet and offer you privacy and calmness. Away from the noise of holiday makers and tourists, Via Costeira vacations are best for unwinding and relaxing. The Via Costeira beaches that offer excellent combinations of sun, sand and sea are Forte beach, Mae Luiza beach, Artistas beach, Meio beach etc. The Ponta Negra beach in Via Costeira is the prime location for water sports and related activities. Via Costeira is also known as Senador Dinarte Mariz Avenue. Via Costeira beaches are clean and not crowded since they are visited by visitors staying at the various hotels in Via Costeira. Via Costiera was built by Governor Jose Agripino in order to connect the urban beaches to the city of Natal. Via Costeira connects all the beaches in Natal except the Redinha Beach. Redinha beach has the Newton Navarro Bridge that is connected to Via Costeira and the city centre. Riding along Via Costeira is wonderful and offers many scenic and stunning sights of the ocean and the sand making the ride a once in a lifetime experience during your holidays in Via Costeira.

General Etiquette in Via Costeira

Brazilians are a friendly and fun loving lot. They dress casually and love their food and music. In hotels it is customary to tip chamber maids, bell hop boys, local guides etc since you would be using their services on a daily basis during your holidays in Via Costeira. Tipping in restaurants and bars are not obligatory but nevertheless, local service staff work on meagre wages and are gracious when rewarded a tip for their services. The bill in restaurants have a 10% tip mentioned, but the choice of paying it is left entirely to the customer. Taxis are also not tipped here but the metre charge is rounded off to the next whole number. If you are being taken to the airport or being brought to city from airport, your luggage would be charged R$3 per case by the taxi. Most of the taxis here run on metres but there are taxis which charge flat rates for trips. These taxi rates are comparatively higher than metre run taxis and hence there is absolutely no need to tip the taxi.

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