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Velsao Holidays

Velsao holidays offer an ultimate relaxing atmosphere with a beautiful beachfront and the quietness of southern Goa. Velsao holidays are just perfect for those looking for a peaceful holiday in a rather simple holiday experience. Whenever one wants to get a holiday kick, neighbouring Bogmalo and Majorda beaches make Velsao holidays one of a kind and yet suitable for everyone.

Velsao holidays are quite known (and yet not really crowded) for its picturesque sunsets at the beautiful seaside. The unspoilt feel of South Goa beaches can be witnessed at full in Velsao holidays. Velsao holidays never leave you dissatisfied as besides the calm, slow pace of Velsao holidays, many interesting things are also there to be done. This makes Velsao holidays comforting and yet pretty attractive. Although the golden sands of the beach will keep you lazy for long sunny days, the inner parts of the Velsao village will get you a chance to admire the wonderful local life. And, of course, diving opportunities in Velsao holidays are next to none.

If you’re in need of a laidback break from stressful city life, Velsao holidays not only will be a rejuvenating experience but also will give you many exciting things to do as the Velsao holidays hold the very pace of South Goan holidays.

Beach life of Velsao holidays is full of palm tree wilderness, rice paddies and nature at its best. Although there are many attractions available in Velsao holidays, one wouldn’t mind lazing around in golden sands with aimless walks time over time to find a new surprise each time. The boat excursion deals are quite reasonable so if you don’t mind getting underwater, diving should not be missed for unforgettable Velsao holidays.

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