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Varadero Holidays

Sun. Sand. Sea. Varadero is a beautiful resort complex in Cuba. For an exciting combination of beach activities and nightlife, head off for Varadero holidays – one of the most popular beach holidays in the Caribbean.

Varadero is around 150 km away from the city of Havana. Stretches of white sand sprawling over an unbroken 20 km long beach on the Hicacos Peninsula is what defines Varadero. Some pointers for your Varadero holidays are given here:
• Tourists from Europe can pay at hotels and restaurants in euros.
• Electrical outlets in hotel rooms are mostly mixed up and not labelled. So double check with the hotel staff whether a point is 110V or 220V one.
• A red flag on the beach means swimming is not allowed here due to some danger.
• Be wary of Portuguese man-of-war – a blue jellyfish the contact with whose tentacles can trigger a bad skin reaction.
• Unguarded towels, sunglasses and shoes can be stolen.
• Most of the big hotels in Varadero provide free basic first aid.
• One can indulge in scuba diving, excursions, golf, parachute jumping, dolphin shows, cruise trips and a lot more at Varadero.
• Exchange your currency into Cuban Convertible Pesos (CUC) first thing after arrival.
• The local time in Cuban cities is around 5 hours ahead of London time.

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