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USA Attractions and Activities

Would it be possible to describe the attractions of the USA even in a zillion words? As we just saw, the people it has are so heterogeneous and diverse that even if one of the communities or groups were to celebrate just a fraction of their native cultural activities in the public sphere in the USA, 24 hours a day and 365 days a year would not suffice to see them! Having said this, it is necessary to keep a track of at least a few major attractions in this vast country. The tourist can start a tour of the USA by making a visit to the seat of presidential authority, the White House. Since the USA is a presidential democracy; the president is the de facto head of the nation. The White House is where the world’s most powerful person sits! Situated right in the heart of the national capital, Washington DC; the White House is a must-see for every tourist, also because the foundation stone for this structure was laid by the Father of the Nation, George Washington. Then, staying with presidents, but past ones, the tourist could consider a visit to Mount Rushmore. This monument, located in Keystone, South Dakota, is a great symbol and repository of American history. It has records pertaining to almost every aspect of American history. It is housed in the Mount Rushmore National Memorial Park, a sprawling 1,278-acre park. And then, a visit to its recent history would be served well by a visit to the World Trade Center, situated near the Manhattan region of New York. Constructed in the 1970’s, it had problems initially, when the expected clientele did not take possession, and the government had to occupy most of the offices. Its location was a source of traffic disruptions. And then, we know the biggest problem it faced, on the fateful day of 9/11. Another technological marvel the tourist to the USA would find gratifying is the Brooklyn Bridge, a massive, 1.3-mile Bridge that connects Manhattan with Brooklyn along the East river. When it was constructed in 1883, it was the largest suspension bridge in the world. Which tourist to the USA would like to come back without visiting the Empire State Building?  New York’s tallest building at a gigantic 390 meters, Empire State Building has 102 stories, and was the world’s tallest building till Petronas in Malaysia overtook it recently. But it has to be taken into account that the Empire State Building was built almost 75 years before Petronas, as way back in 1930! That makes it a great achievement. Step into the USA to get a taste of this grandeur! And then, there is Las Vegas, the world’s gambling den; the world’s first entertainment park, Disneyland, and the Mecca of the world’s film industry, Hollywood that stand out among the must-see places in the USA.      

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