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Universal Resort Holidays

When it comes to traveling to Orlando, many people come to the city only to visit the Universal Resort. The Universal Resort in Florida was built by NBC Universal together with Blackstone group and is theme park which boasts of a lot of attractions. They offer the perfect family vacation wherein there are activities and attractions for adults and for children as well. The two different theme parks here and CityWalk ensures that people can have a memorable vacation at the Universal Resort. One can indulge in adventurous and fun filled rides at the theme park or simply let down his hair and party all night at the bars and cafés at Universal Resort.

Vacations at Universal Resort are exciting and are apt for those who want to feel alive and rejuvenated. A number of families visit the Universal Resort every year and then come back again as well. It is apt for families, large groups of friends and is enjoyed by couples as well. There is no shortage of activities and things to do at the Universal Resort and the people therefore can’t complain of getting bored. There are different things for people with different interest and therefore the Universal Resort vacations appeal to everyone.

There are two different theme parks here- the Island of adventures with the fun filled rides and the Universal Studio which gives a thrilling movie ride to all. The movie buffs would surely love this park as it would take them to the sets of their favorite movies like Jaws, Harry potter etc.

When holidaying at the Universal Resort, one should make sure that he gives adequate tips to the staff and the wage earners here. The service charges are not included in the bills at United States and therefore it is good gesture to give tips. Giving good tips to hotel bellboy or the house maid not only makes them happy but makes them efficient as well. At restaurants, leaving a tip of 15-20% is recommended and would motivate the staff to serve better in future as well.

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