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Universal Orlando Resort Holidays

The Universal Orlando Resort is in Florida and is based around a theme park which is set up by the NBC Universal studios along with the Blackstone group. The resort is quite popular with tourists and has two theme parks which offer fun filled vacation to tourists and keeps them entertained. There is a lot to see and do at these theme parks and they offer perfect family vacations and group vacations. It is enjoyed by people of all age groups and is loved by couples also. Apart from the adventures, people can plan their Universal Orlando Resort holiday to rejuvenate themselves or to spend some good time with their families and friends.

Anyone who is looking forward to an adventurous and exciting vacation can apt for a vacation at the Universal Orlando Resort. It is especially enjoyed by families and large groups as they can together enjoy the thrilling rides at the theme park and enjoy the adrenaline rush in their veins. At the theme park, the tourists have the option to see the different movie sets and can feel what it is like to work behind the scenes.

Movie lovers enjoy coming to the Universal Orlando Resort and can see the sets for the different movies like Jurassic park, Harry Potter, Jaws etc. Adventure lovers can opt for the thrilling rides while the children may enjoy meeting some of their action heroes. Couples can also be a part of all this fun and look forward to rocking nightlife and candle light dinners at the numerous clubs, bars and restaurants here.

Tipping is a general habit which is followed at all parts of United States. It is considered to be a good way to commute that one is pleased with the services rendered to him. It is advisable to give tips to the bellboy and to the room service staff at the hotel the tourists stay at as it helps them to get better services in future as well. When dining outside it is a good practice to leave about 10-15% tip for the staff here as it helps them earn their livelihood.

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