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Turkey Essential Information

SHOPPING – You are advised to enquire the price of good/services before you decide to buy them. As there are no fixed prices, you are free to bargain on your holidays in Turkey.

MONEY – Sterling can be changed to Turkish Lira at all banks and post offices. Travellers planning Turkey holidays are reminded that cash gets a better rate of exchange than traveller’s cheques.

DRESS CODE – The dress code in Turkey is generally smart casual so men can wear shirts and trousers while women may pack sleeved tops and skirts for their holidays in Turkey. For visiting mosques during your Turkey holidays, you have to be dressed modestly and neatly. Shorts and sleeveless tops are not allowed.

TIPPING – Tipping, although not obligatory on your holidays to Turkey but is well appreciated by the people. If the service charge is not added to your bill in a hotel/restaurant, then it is customary to tip around 10 to 15%.  

SECURITY – Contrary to popular belief, Turkey is relatively peaceful when compared to its neighbours such as Iraq. It is extremely tourist-friendly and violent incident s have been far and few in the country. Theft and pick-pocketing does occur but tourists on Turkey holidays can always observe normal travel precautions to avoid such incidents. 

OTHER INFO – Electricity is 220 volts AC. 50Hz. with European two-pin plugs. Emergency phone number for Police is 155 and 112 for medical help.

CONTACT INFO - - British Embassy has six offices in Turkey so if you wish to contact any of them during your Turkey holidays; you may phone the following numbers:
Ankara - 0312 455 3344
Adana – (90) (533) 734 87 77
Antalya - (90) (242) 244 5313
Bodrum - (90) (252) 3130021
Fethiye - (90) (252) 614 63 02
Marmaris - (90) (252) 4126486 Ext 36 and 39

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