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Turgutreis Holidays

Turgutreis is a small beach resort on the Bodrum Peninsula in southwest Turkey. Turgutreis holidays centre on the traditional town centre, the wide array of hotels and restaurants, along with the many sandy beaches sprawling along the Aegean Sea.

Located about 20 km away from Bodrum, Turgutreis has been named after Turgut Reis – a noted admiral from the 16th century. In fact, Turgutreis is the second biggest town in the Bodrum Peninsula. The main features of Turgutreis are its fertile valley teeming with vegetable gardens and orchards, and the golden sandy sun-kissed beaches. The seashore in Turgutreis has a number of inlets, with towering mountains along the coast. The area is sprinkled with many small islands, including the Greek islands of Kos and Kalimnos.

Turgutreis holidays are one of the options tourists have in Turkey. With great beaches, fine hotels and bustling restaurants, Turgutreis has carved a niche for itself in the tourism industry of the Bodrum region. Those on Turgutreis holidays can enjoy on the beaches, soak in spectacular sea views and visit a number of interesting spots around the town.

The local time in Turgutreis is 2 hours ahead of the GMT. The currency to be used in general by tourists is the Euro.

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