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Tunisia Getting there and around

AIR - To kick-start your Tunisia holidays, you can book inexpensive seats with low cost charter flights that you can find on Zipholidays. There are a total of nine international airports including the main Tunis-Carthage International Airport in the capital.
Once there, you have many options to get around on your Tunisia holidays. You can travel by domestic flights to Tunis, Djerba, Tozeur and other cities.
CARS - Within the city, you may book rental cars although they are somewhat expensive at around 80 dinars a day or else you can use a hired taxi or the tramway (metro) to travel around on your Tunisia holidays. Taxis charges are quite affordable for long-distance travel but it is always better to decide the fare before setting off.

TRAIN – You have the option of travelling in restful and modern trains on your Tunisia holidays. There is a well-connected network from the capital city to others. Purchasing a carte bleue train card for around 9 GBP gives you access to short and long distance trains for a week.

LOUAGE – These are shared taxis for up to 8 people. The fares are fixed and extremely cheap. However, there are no timetables for them and the experience of travelling in one might prove stifling for tourists on Tunisia holidays.

BUS – A cheap and safe way to travel between cities, on your holidays to Tunisia, is by bus (called cars locally). Every major city has a station and fixed timetable. Some of the buses even offer AC and TV services at cheap prices.

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