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Tunisia Essential Information

SECURITY – Tourist experiences of Tunisia holidays are generally pleasant and trouble-free. Sole female travellers may face a few catcalls on their holidays to Tunisia. So, women travellers are advised to dress modestly on their vacations. Theft of valuable is a concern in tourist areas but they can be avoided with adequate precautions on your Tunisia holidays.

CULTURE – Traditionally a Muslim country, reserved dressing of women is mandatory in Tunisia, although beaches and hotel complexes don’t have too many restrictions. Public criticism of the government is discouraged. Unlike its neighbouring countries, other religions are tolerated and officially sanctioned too.

MONEY – Exchange rates are fixed by the government and its better to exchange currency at airports or hotels to avoid surcharges by banks and ATMs. It is illegal to take ANY Tunisian currency out of the country after your Tunisia holidays.

TIPPING -   Tipping is generally expected by everyone in Tunisia so be prepared to hand out a few extra dinars to the hotel staff or even friendly locals who give you directions on your Tunisia holidays. 10% is the norm.

OTHER INFO – The electricity is 220-240 V with European style two-pin plugs. If needed, you may contact the following emergency services on your Tunisia holidays:
Police – 197
Ambulance – 190

CONTACT INFO - – In case of emergencies during your Tunisia holidays, you may contact the British High Commission in Tunis at (216) 71 108 700.

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