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Tunisia Attractions and Activities

  • Amphitheatre (El Djem) – The fourth largest Roman amphitheatre in the world is a sight to behold on your Tunisia holidays. It is believed to have once seated an audience of 30,000. The museum to the south houses a stunning collection of mosaics.
  • Bardo National Museum – A must visit for art lovers on Tunisia holidays, this museum houses the largest collection of Roman mosaics in the world. The museum is easily accessible by public transport from the city centre.
  • Medina of Tunis – Makes sure you stop by at this UNESCO World Heritage Site during your Tunisia holidays. It houses close to 700 ancient monuments from the Hafsid and the Almohad periods. The architecture and the decorations are breathtaking.
  • National Archaeological Museum – Situated in Carthage, this museum displays a rich collection of relics, jewellery and antiques from the Roman era. Another must-visit for history lover on their Tunisia holidays.
  • Sidi Bou SaidThis charming white and blue village is draped in an atmosphere of peace and tranquillity. Named after their saint, this picturesque village also offers stunning views of the Bay of Tunis.
  • Sidi Ali el-MekkiThe finest beach you’ll come across on your Tunisia holidays. You may camp by the beach on your holidays to Tunisia and enjoy the scenic beauty of the turquoise waters and surrounding mountains.
  • KairouanStop by this UNESCO World Heritage Site on your Tunisia holidays to experience a city rich in Islamic history. Established by Arabs around 670, this city is famous for Islamic culture and also renowned for amazing carpets.
  • Mahdia – This exquisite port is was once the capital of Tunisia and historic power feuds saw many pirates and knights battle here. A visit here on your Tunisia holidays, today, would show the city teeming with silk weavers and fishermen along some fabulous beaches.
  • Dougga – Situated near almost 65 acres of lush wheat fields, the scenic beauty of this splendid Roman town and its well-preserved theatre will leave you breathless on your Tunisia holidays.
  • Tabarka – A natural paradise on your Tunisia holidays, Tabarka is renowned for its coral fishing, under-water photography festivals and the annual jazz festival. It delights visitors with its crystal waters, sandy bays and rich wildlife in the nearby mountains.

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