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Tunisia Holidays

Tunisia holidays offer travellers a chance to unravel the enigma that is Africa. From the sand dunes of Sahara desert to the sun-kissed beaches, holidays to Tunisia feel thrilling and peaceful at the same time. The traditional local culture fascinates tourists on their Tunisia holidays while the modern changes surprise them.

Tunisia is a wonderful country located on the Mediterranean coast of North Africa. Bordered by Algeria and Libya, travellers sometimes choose to extend their Tunisia holidays to visit the neighbours as well. In contrast to its relative small size, Tunisia enjoys climatic as well as geographical diversity. On your Tunisia holidays, you may visit the mountains in the north or Sahara on the south or rolling hills and plains in the center.  

Tunisia deserves a special mention in the pages of world history as it has seen its fair share of Greek, Roman and Arab rulers. It was the spot of major Allied Forces operations during the Second World War. It was under French rule till 1956 when it gained independence. Today, it boasts one of the highest Per-capita GDP’s in Africa and Middle East.

Amongst the population of 10 million in Tunisia, the majority are Muslim Arabs with few Jews and Europeans. The official language is Arabic even though you might hear some French on your holidays to Tunisia. Their currency is the Tunisian Dinar (TND) and the current exchange rates are 1 GBP = 2.15 TND.

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