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Trivandrum Holidays

Trivandrum is the anglicized name of the capital city of Kerala – Thiruvananthapuram. Holidays in Trivandrum let you experience the beauty of the vast blue Arabian Sea on one hand, and the verdant hills of the Western Ghats, on the other. In fact, Trivandrum holidays are quite popular with international tourists.

Trivandrum is a city of rich cultural heritage and great architecture apart from being a beach holiday destination in Kerala. The many ancient temples are a sight worth beholding during Trivandrum holidays, though not all of them are open to public. The splendid pillars at these temples are simply awe-inspiring in their detail. Apart from the historical magnificence, Trivandrum is also a city of festivals with most of them taking place during winters. The Arattu Festival and the Palivetta Festival are quite colourful and vibrant, and can be witnessed if you plan your Trivandrum holidays accordingly.

A few pointers towards things to bear in mind while on Trivandrum holidays are given below:

•    The native language of natives in Kerala is Malayalam, though majority of them can comfortably converse in English, because of the state’s high literacy rate.
•    Lone female travelers should be careful of hooligans, especially on Christmas and New Year parties.
•    There is low crime level in the city but be wary of pickpockets especially in crowded areas.
•    Though most of restaurants you dine at during holidays in Trivandrum cook food properly, you should check the cleanliness of the place to avoid getting any gastric infections. It is a good idea to eat at places that are quite popular so that you don’t run the risk of consuming stale food. And, always use bottled water.

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