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Tossa de Mar Holidays

Tossa de Mar is located in Catalonia on the bay of Costa Brava, approximately 103 kms away from Barcelona and a 100 kilometer south of French border. Tossa de Mar has a historical charm as many rural villa’s are found surrounding the area. The most famous being the Roman villa of Ametlers, It has both the urban and rustic parts. Tossa de Mar has three beaches The Tossa beach, also called Platja Gran, the La Mar Menuda and El Codolar. Tossa de Mar is a perfect place for a Costa Brava holiday.

Tossa de Mar was popular place among the writers and artist during the 1930s .Tossa de Mar’s beach bay of Platja Gran is a popular and a charming place, with many beachside restaurants and café bars alongside where you can dine and admire the views. Walking and hiking opportunities nearby are also plenty. The place is also highly famous among families and couple of all ages. Young people looking for a wilder night may head to LIoret de Mar. The resort is unexpectedly different from the nearby resorts and has a very cosmopolitan atmosphere.

Exercising basic manners and etiquette to your host goes a long way here, in case you get stuck in any hassles. Learn basic civilities in Spanish, to be better received by the locals. Also the Spanish put a lot of emphasis on dressing right, even if you are just strolling along the beach. If invited for dinner by a Spaniard, it good to bring some chocolates, flowers or wine. Try avoiding eating with hands, even fruits. If you are having Tapas the local super dish, remember it is just a starter and filling the plate with it may invite surprised looks. Restaurants usually have 16 percent surcharge included in the bill, it is not obligatory to tip but, leaving a good amount of token is common and acceptable.

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