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Torrent Holidays

Torrent is an old port village at the south end of San Antonio Bay on the island’s west cost. Torrent is named after the seasonal stream that originates from Ibiza’s highest peak and empties into the small bay. Torrent is particularly famous with families because of the pleasant beaches and shallow warm waters. The resort is also very famous with couples for its tranquil atmosphere.

Torrent is quite beach resort across the Bay from San Antonio. The main asset of the resort is the sheltered virgin beach. There are number of activities including water sports such as snorkeling, jet skiing, wind surfing and Para-gliding. There is also a diving school for beginners. The beach is lined up with many bars and restaurants which offer mouth-watering refreshing drinks for people who would like to spend a quite day at the beach side. Nightlife here is highly relaxing reflecting the family nature of the resort, evenings can be spent strolling along the beach or having a romantic dinner under the stars. If you yearn for a livelier time the wild nightlife of San Antonio is just a bus or taxi drive away.

The beach front is one of the most laid back destinations. Pretty much everything goes amongst the visitors. The islanders have seen all types of visitors, just a little courtesy and you will fit right. The locals believe in the live and let live attitude.

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