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Tizzano Holidays

Coming down from Sartene, you find this lovely little port called Tizzano, well guarded by its fortress. Tizzano is located on the south-west coast of Corsica, between Bonifacio and Propriano. Tizzano is a haven for deep see divers, lovers of prehistoric sites and hikers. The sunbathers enjoy Tizzano, for its lovely beaches with fine sands, clear waters, and red rocks. Tizzano has an increasing number of German and Swiss tourists every year. Tizzano is a sleepy place with a small harbour, three excellent restaurants and a grocery shop.

Breathtaking Tizzano

Tizzano is beautiful and a pleasure for photographers. Tizzano is a desolate village mostly inhabited by the local fishermen. Tizzano has two lovely bays situated in a rough landscape. Tizzano is an authentic Corsica with its beautiful deserted beaches, beautiful landscapes and vineyards. Tourist attractions have not spoilt Tizzano. Tizzano is unhurried, quaint and a charming little village, ideal for a holiday with families or as couples. Tizzano offers peace and tranquillity to the weary travellers.

General Etiquette In Tizzano

Since water sports are prominent here in Tizzano, you must familiarize with the local flag warning system and beware of high winds and tides. You must supervise children as a lifeguard does not guard most beaches. In Tizzano, use adequate sunscreens and lotions for protection against the sun. Stick to the safe zones while surfing or diving in Tizzano.

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