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Thessaloniki Holidays

Unique moments and exquisite architecture immersed in history meets tourists on holidays at Thessaloniki. The Macedonian region is home to Thessaloniki, country's second largest city. Thessaloniki is a commercial and cultural centre and hence there are many activities and attractions for visitors. Holidays to Thessaloniki would introduce travellers to churches, museums, monuments, Roman and Byzantine architectures etc. You can witness the strong Balkan influence even today in Thessaloniki. Vibrant city life and many beach resorts make Thessaloniki holidays immensely pleasurable. The harbour at Thessaloniki faces the Bay of Thermaikos and the city has wide streets with many parks and squares making walking around convenient and pleasant.

Thessaloniki holidays would introduce tourists to an attractive city with a cosmopolitan society. The low rise buildings allow wonderful views of Thessaloniki city. The Upper city is charming with cobbled streets lined with wooden houses which host caf├ęs and tavernas. There are two main squares, Platia Elefterias and Platia Aristotelous at the harbour and these contribute towards vibrant and bustling activity at the waterfront. The evening strolls are wonderful at 'Volta' and you can take a break at the many cafeterias and tavernas here. Thessaloniki holidays offers many shopping opportunities too that will satiate the shopaholic in you. Nightclubs, discos and pubs give way to vibrant night life in the city of Thessaloniki.

General Etiquette in Thessaloniki

Casual wear is the preferred way of  dressing during Thessaloniki holidays. Tipping is generally practised but it is not obligatory. The service staff are appreciative of tips. A 10% to 15% tip is left on table for service staff. It is best to keep away from restaurants that use aggressive marketing techniques as well as those that offer free drinks and wine. Never forget to verify the bill prior to making payments on your Thessaloniki holidays.

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