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Thassos Holidays

Lying in North eastern Aegean, Thassos is the most northerly island featuring in Greek holidays. Not a very popular inclusion in most Greek deals, Thassos boasts of a very affluent past. Gold mining and marble quarrying were principally responsible for its past riches. Greece tours must include Thassos as a prominent destination primarily because of the uncommon experiences it provides. Thassos is also a popular Greece travel destination because of its scenic splendours, which provide for ample privacy, isolation and relaxation. Although a majority of archaeological ruins in Thassos has been destroyed, there are some intriguing venues still waiting for tourist exploration.

Thassos holidays are characteristically Greek, in a number of ways. The traditional aura of the picturesque villages of the island is truly reminiscent of Greece holidays. Like most other locations included in Greece travel, Thassos offers an ideal blend of relaxation and vigour. The beaches are ideal for enjoying all the marine pleasures of Greece holidays. The ancient ruins and diamond quarries offer a generous glimpse into its illustrious past. Quite unlike most other destinations of Greece tours, Thassos has lush green natural vegetation which lends a unique appeal to its surroundings. This can probably be blamed on its northerly position. Verdant pine trees and olive groves dot the surface, exuding a tantalizing natural fragrance which engulfs you. Thassos holidays are also significant because of the mammoth diamond quarries, tantalizing wines and delicious honey; which are the specialities of this island.

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