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Thailand Culture and Etiquette

Culture in Thailand is strongly influenced by Buddhism. Travellers on Thailand holidays would notice that the visual art forms usually depict images of Buddha in different styles. Thai literature has heavy influences from the Indian culture. Travellers planning their Thailand holidays between April 13 and 15 would get a chance to experience the Thai New Year celebrations.

Tourists on holidays to Thailand need not feel threatened by Crime but it does occur. Pick pocketing and theft are the main concerns. Travellers just have to follow precautions and not accept any drink/food from strangers to ensure their Thailand holidays are trouble free.

DRESS CODE – Personal appearance is considered to be a mark of respect for other people so travellers on Thailand holidays have to ensure they are dressed neatly, especially for visits to Buddhist temples.

TIPPING – Tipping is not widely practised so travellers on Thailand holidays may tip between 0-40 THB depending on the service.

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