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Terceira Things To Do

Lake at Caldeira de Guilherme Moniz: This is the largest Cauldron of the Azores and the lake here is a hugely popular site during Terceira holidays.

Algar do Carvão: This is a site with deep caves and an interior lake. One can climb down to a distance of 99 metres to see the lake of crystal clear water. It’s a must visit volcanic vent during Terceira holidays

Praia da Vitória: This is the place of the last battle in Portugal, Liberal Wars, and possesses the only sizable beach for Terceira holidays. It has an extensive dune that shelters the beach. The rich architecture in the many churches and

Estrada da Doze Ribeiras (Twelve Rivers Road) – With a pervasive natural beauty embellishing the area, this area has been named as a Natural Park for its botanical, scientific and scenic value.

Lagoa do Negro: It’s a small lake located in close proximity with the mountains of Santa Barbara. It is famous for the under running volcanic cave called Christmas Grotto.

The peaks Bagacina and Cabrito: These two peaks outline the lava outflow areas and have pasture lands that are grazed by cattle used in bullfighting. It’s another volcanic site to visit during Azores holidays to Terceira.

Angra do Heroismo: The oldest and one of the most beautiful cities of the Azores, Angra houses the Supreme court of Azores and is one of the three historical capitals of Azores. The old square here is one major tourist attraction during Terceira holidays. Other sites in the city are Sé de Sao Salvador, Igreja de Sao Goncalo, Convento da Esperanca, Palacio Bettencourt, Palacio dos Capitaes Generais, museums, Castelo de Sao Joao Baptista do Monte Brasil, the Marina, the Castelo de Sao Sebastiao,

Praia da Vitoria. It is the second largest municipality of Terceira and houses some of the most exquisite and old churches, squares and restaurants. Its another municipality to visit during Terceira holidays.

Biscoitos: This is the place for wine aficionados with its wine museum. Otherwise sites of interest for Terceira holidays are The Holy host Chapel, Igreja Paroquial de Sagrado Coracao de Jesus and the wine fields.

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