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Quinta das Merces: If warm hospitality is what you are looking for, then look no further. Besides an insuperable infinity pool, the hotel boasts of exemplary room servie as well. Its an ideal place to stay during Terceira holidays

Hotel Beira Mar: This is the place for perfect sea viewing while sitting in superbly ventilated rooms filled with sea breeze. This is a haven for sea and beach lovers during Terceira hiolidays

Terceira Mar Hotel: With a fitness centre and a small internal pool, this hotel is nestled atop a small rocky inlet and is secluded from the beaches and the sea.

Hotel Varandas do Atlantico: Located centrally in Praia, the hotel offers great access to the town and its attractions. It’s great for people who like staying close to the attractions and don’t like wasting time travelling during Terceira holidays

Hotel Terra do Mar: Stunning rooms with breathtaking vistas, this hotel is rather located at a distance from the hustle bustle but the transport service around it makes it a preferred hotel in Angra during holidays to Terceira.

Pensao Residencial-Branco II: Located in Praia da Vitoria, the hotel has all the modern amenities amidst its rustic environ. Being a part of Azores, this hotel is as popular as the island itself. Its one of the best places to stay during Terceira holidays.

Hotel do Caracol: One of the most romantic hotel on Terceira, this hotel of Angra is an ideal place to stay for its great rooms, guest service and value for money.

Pensao Residencial a Ilha: This is an ideal hotel for a quick check in-check out. With fantastic sleeping facilities and great breakfast besides being in the heart of the Angra, this is a very economical hotel to stay during Terceira holidays.

Angra Garden Hotel: Many have become this hotel’s patron because of its location overlooking a square and its proximity with the many restaurants and attractions. If you want to stay in Angra then this will be nice option for Terceira holidays.

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