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Terceira Eating and Dining

With strong Portuguese and an admixture French influence, the culinary culture of Terceira has a lot of dishes to offer. Also with the burgeoning tourism industry, many restaurants with a wide range of local as well as international menu have sprung up, making the hospitality of the land even more enjoyable.

•Restauante Caneta, Angra do Heroismo: This restaurant serves an exotic array of foods including the local favourites and internationally like sea food. It’s a must try during Terceira holidays.

•Restaurante O Pescador, Praia da Vitoria: Don’t forget to visit this hotel during your holidays to Terceira if sea food is what your taste buds tingle for. With a ray of delectable sea food including the local wreck fish that is both tender and delicious, it’s a must visit place for sea food fanatics.

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