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Terceira Holidays

Azores is a much in demand destination which has been over looked for a long time. Its secluded location and unspoilt beauty is attracting the tourist from all over the world and tourism is fast replacing the other forms of mainstay industries. Terceira holidays thus promise to be exploring and serene. In fact the admixtured Portuguese and French culture give a new dimension to the holidays to Terceira (Azores) with all its architecture, festivities and religious practices.

Terceira (Country: Portugal)

Being a part of Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean, Terceira holidays are usually an important destination of Azores itinerary. With an area of 396.75 square km and a population density of 140.73/square km, Terceira is fairly isolated and much of the land is a natural reserve. With undulating terrain, the island is a nice place for hiking and walking during Terceira holidays. For the brave hearts and culture freaks, Terceira conducts more than 230 traditional bullfights around the year out of which most notable is the ‘running of the bull’ or the ‘touradas a corda’I. The bull is set free and runs through the town and people try to get as close to this maddening bull as possible. Afterwards the bull is taken back and outdoor festivals begin. Terceira and other islands of Azores, alond with the Lisbon coast, Madeira and Algarve are top spots for your Portugal holidays

During Terceira holidays one can witness the well preserved traditions and practises in the many festivals, cuisines and architecture of the land. Terceira is to Azores of Portugal what Crete is to Greece. Holidays to Terceira offer umpteen opportunities in water-sports and hiking as well.

History, culture: Terceira

For long the Azores were the isolated islands with frequent earthquakes and volcano eruptions. However with Portuguese immigrants, agriculture due to the highly fertile volcanic sand flourished and export of wheat, sugar cane, oranges and dyes became the main stay of the islands. French immigrants brought the fine dining and wining legacy with them. Terceira holidays will surely bring you close to the place’s history with its old architecture and practices.

The strongest culture comes from the Portuguese as they were the first inhabitants of the land. Later with French influences, fighting off the pirates and whale hunting became popular. Today Terceira culture is a mix of agriculture, whaling, military and winery. Most of the people are Roman Catholics and most of the festivals are religious. Understanding the need of surviving through climatic adversities; Azoreans have a strange sense of independence and responsibility and band up very easily. Viola is a traditional instrument Azoreans love to play.

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