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Tenerife Restaurants and dining

Fish preparations are Tenerife’s delicacies. Fish consumed on this island are Atlantic and Jack Mackerals, Sardines, Combtooth blennies or Viejas, Grouper or Mero, Gold Lined Bream or Salema, and Sea Bream or Sama among others; mostly boiled, baked or fried and served with Mojo sauce. Meat is also largely consumed. Marinated Porc Tacos meat dish is often served at festivities, whereas rabbit, goat and beef constitute a part of Tenerife’s regular non-vegetarian diet. Canarian wrinkly potatoes, handmade cheese, and Gofio made from cereal grains, are also parts of Tenerife’s staple diet.

Wine is Tenerife’s specialty. It has accompanied food since its first production in the 16th century and continues to define Tenerife’s taste for quality.

Tenerife’s local restaurants and bars are famed for their traditional Spanish spread including Tapas, locally-made wine and Spanish beer. Tenerife resorts and hotel restaurants cover a more diverse Spanish variety, although less authentic and more experimental when combined with European cuisines. 

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