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Tenerife Holidays

Tenerife, the largest of the 7 Canary Islands, stretches across a pictorial display of endearing valleys, flourishing plantations, delightful beaches, and vast mystical pinewood forests. Oft called ‘the island of eternal spring’ Tenerife’s is one of uniformly warm temperatures and breathtaking natural allure. A colored landscape of verdant green and vast stretches of uneven coastlines bordered by white and black sandy beaches, blue waters and gray mountain tops glimmering in golden sunlight, Tenerife is beauty personified and charm unrivalled.

Tenerife is a volcanic island, its mountains, valleys, ravines and plains sculpted by successive volcanic eruptions throughout its history. Tenerife’s topography is diverse, complimenting and contrasting at the same time. It has the lush pine forests of Parque Nacional del Teide, shallow valleys and subtropical vegetations enclosed by the Montaña Roja and Montaña Pelada mountains, sandy beaches and soft waters of the south and west, and also the dry, lunar landscape of Malpaís de Güímar, deep gorges and stiff precipices of the Anaga and Teno and protruding peaks of Mount Teide and Guajara. Tenerife’s waters are also just as amazing, colorful with varied marine life that makes it haven for divers.

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