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Taroudant Holidays

Taroudant holidays in Morocco in reigns amongst all African destinations. This ‘Grandmother of Morocco’ is the perfect place to recharge your senses. The city is located in the Souss region, in the Southern part of Morocco and is close to the Sahara Desert. Holidays in Taroudant also offers a chance to visit beautiful places such as Agadir, Ouarzazate and Marrakech. In the sixteenth century, Taroudant was the capital of the Saadi dynasty with 130 towers and 19 bastions making it a hub of rich history and culture. This fortified market town is rich in crafts such as carpets and jewellery; therefore visitors on holidays to Taroudant may empty their cards and pockets here. The town also has a weekly souk outside the city and boasts of a beautiful palace, Palais Salam.

Taroudant holidays are popular for tourists who want to indulge in luxurious Moroccan shopping and goods. The town has two main squares with a souk in each- Assarag and Talmoklate, where one can get good bargains on specialties such as leather items, bags, animal skin goods, jewellery, carpets, etc during holidays to Taroudant. The local Berber market, Jnane al Jaami is famous for spices etc. There is also an Arab souk where shop-a-holics can shop for terracotta, wrought iron, pottery, brass and copper. With red and brown buildings, narrow alleyways, and pretty courtyards, Kasbah which has been modifiedinto a swish hotel, Hotel Palais Salam, it is a photographer’s delight.

General Etiquette in Taroudant

In Morocco, tipping is not an important etiquette but is appreciated when given. 10% is a usual tip that is given to all who serve you. Being a Muslim country, it is important that visitors, particularly women, should dress decently and not make public displays of affection to partners whilst on holidays to Taroudant.

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