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Tangiers Holidays

Holidays in Tangiers or Tinji in Arabic mean touring to one of the finest destinations in Morocco. With ancient history backing the pillars of the city and modern designs creating luxury structures for visitors’ comfort, it is probably the best place to spend your anticipated holiday. So much so, that popular writers and artists such as Oscar Wilde, Matisse and Joe Orton have spent their holidays in Tangiers. The medina enthrals with its charismatic charms such as the snake charmers, magicians, dancers, storytellers, shopkeepers create a fairy tale like the Aladdin. Tangiers holidays also boast of a visit to seaport where it divides the Atlantic Ocean from the Mediterranean and at the point where Africa and Europe are in unison.

Fascinatingly, Tangiers’ history dates back to 2500 years when Greeks ruled and the place was colonized from Byzantines to French with numerous other countries. The contemporary holidays in Tangiers does not isolate itself from the beautiful history but has an identity of its own with it being a Mediterranean resort. With plush hotels, surroundings, shopping facilities, it is the modern Tangiers where crowds flock for luxury. Whereas, the Medina, contains the iconic white-walled Kasbah, Sultan’s Palace, Sidi Hosni palace, American Legation Museum and other museums. Also benefit your Tangiers holidays by taking day excursion to nearby places such as the High Atlas town of Tinerhir, which will give you a peek of the rustic Morocco and Todra Gorge.

General Etiquette in Tangiers

In Morocco, there is no rule of tipping. You may tip if you like. However, giving of alms to beggars is considered as a good deed here. Being a Muslim country, it is important that visitors, particularly women, should dress appropriately whilst on holidays in Tangiers.

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