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Stowe Holidays

Those who have never been to America think that it is all about living life in the fast lane, partying till wee hours and gambling. And if you think the same, you could not be more wrong. America has some wonderful countryside vacation spots which are completely opposite to its Las Vegas image. One such holiday spot is Stowe. Stowe is located in the northern part of Vermont and offers a picturesque holiday destination away from the city traffic. Stowe can easily be called the stress reliever. You will never know how time passes by while you are in the scenic and splendid Stowe.

Stowe has some of the best viewing spots in the world. And one of them is Mount Mansfield. Mount Mansfield is the highest peak of Vermont and Stowe lies at the feet of this gigantic mountain. You can reach at the top Mansfield either by a gondola or by a 5 mile long walk through the scenic countryside of Stowe. Once there, you can experience nature in its most divine form. There are acres of greenery to enjoy, plenty of activities to take part in by the river and a perfect atmosphere to contemplate the genius of God here.

Tipping is a custom in America and Stowe is no different. It is a polite gesture to leave a 10-15% tip at the restaurants. If the taxi driver helps you with your bags, a 5% tip should be given to him as well. No tipping is necessary at the bars unless served by a hostess.

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