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Stockholm Restaurants

Stockholm is known for its great food and outstanding service. Due to immigration, the city has plenty of restaurants with all kinds of food from all over the world such as American fast food, Asian, Italian, Turkish, French, Greek, Scandinavian, Spanish, and Middle Eastern cuisine. Cafeterias and bars are easy to find anywhere in the city. Its delicacies have marvelled people of all ages and so we are giving some of its fine restaurants for your purview.

Edsbacka Krog: An intimate place offering ten course menu that is paired with fine wine. Try starters such as nicely sliced scallops with an orange consommé, or else the tasty Swedish lobster with a terrine of vegetables and a lobster vinaigrette.

Restaurang Lux: Savour the best taste of Sweden in this laid-back restaurant. Dishes are creative and well prepared and are highly recommended for travellers during their Stockholm holidays.

Mathias Dahlgren, Matbaren: With its relaxed and stylish settings, the place surprises you with tasty Brill with scallops, porter-braised beef cheek and soy beurre blanc during your Stockholm holidays.

F12: Stockholm holidays will promise you to try out some of its innovative and traditional food delicacies. A premier restaurant with elegant décor and spotless environment.

Sosta: Generally have a three course with monk fish, veal and reindeer as staples of the menu. Stockholm holidays will offer you a quick espresso after your sumptuous lunch.

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