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Stockholm Essential Information

Population: 1.5 million (one sixth of Sweden)

Language: Swedish

Religion: 87% of the people follow the Lutheran way and the rest believe in Roman Catholic, Baptist, Muslim and Jewish.

Currency: The currency in Stockholm is the Swedish crown or Krona (SEK). Unlike other EU countries Sweden hasn’t switched to the euro standard. The current exchange rates are 1 British Pound = 11.8088 SEK OR 1 US Dollar = 7.65614 SEK.

Time difference: One hour ahead of UK

Important Embassy Info:

Address: Skarpögatan 6-8

Postal Address: SE-115 93 Stockholm

Box: 27 819

Telephone: +46-8-671 30 00

Telefax: +46-8-662 99 89

Emergency Numbers:

Ambulance, police or on-call doctors: Dial 112

For medical assistance: +46 (0)8 32 01 00.

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