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Stockholm Holidays

Stockholm holidays can provide your family an array of excellent facilities and outstanding service for a memorable vacation experience.
We welcome you to explore Stockholm through our cheap package on Stockholm holidays. Read below to know about this exotic place and the attractions to explore when you leave for holidays to Stockholm.

The most populous city of Sweden and its capital, awesome Stockholm is known throughout for its outstanding beauty, historical buildings and its water. Also called “Venice of the north” it has become a major tourist attraction with exciting maritime landscape, 70 renowned museums and 1,600 gourmet restaurants. Since it is the financial hub of Sweden it houses major Swedish banks such as Swedbank and Handelsbanken and top insurance companies.

Although Sweden is a monarchy, it is really governed by a democratic government and the country has the unique history of not involving in any armed fight for nearly 200 years. Travellers interested in Stockholm holidays would be fascinated to know that the first part of the name ‘Stock’ stands for log (which means fortification) while the second part stands for islet. It has been said that the city was founded by Birger Jarl to save Sweden from a foreign sea invasion and to stop the plundering of towns like Sigtuna.

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