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St Pete Beach Holidays

The coastal city of St. Pete Beach is at Pinellas County which, Florida. The city is a popular tourist destination which attracts people from all over the world. It was earlier known as St. Petersburg Beach but most of the people referred to it as St. Pete Beach and therefore in 2004 it was renamed as St. Pete Beach.

The tourists flock at the beautiful beaches throughout the year. One can see people with families, couples and single people also who visit the beautiful city to enjoy a wonderful beachside vacation. There is no dearth of activities and things to do at St. Pete Beach. People can indulge in beach activities or simply relax by the sea. The city itself also boasts of lots of attraction.

There are comfortable accommodations available at St. Pete Beach which ensures that the tourists visiting the city are comfortable and relaxed. The scrumptious food served at the restaurants also appeals to their palate and adds to an exciting and enjoyable vacation.

Wonderful St. Pete Beach

The beaches of St. Pete Beach are simply beautiful and attract many people every year.  The sandy beaches, Florida sunshine and the crystal clear water are surely inviting and offers the best way to spend a beach side vacation. One can roll up on the sand and sun bath or simply relax under a shade and curl up with a good book. Water sports enthusiast can keep themselves busy with the various beach activities. There are shower facility and food stall also at the beaches here so that the tourists can stay at the beach for as long as The beaches around St. Pete Beach also attract the visitors who can visit beach communities like Johns Pass fishing village and add it all to a memorable experience.

General Etiquette in St. Pete Beach

When at St. Pete Beach or any other part of United States, the tourists must make sure that they tip the service provides at restaurants, hotels and other places. The services charges are not included in the restaurant bills and therefore it is a good practice to leave a tip of 15-20% to show that you are happy with the service. Similarly one may also tip the bell boy or the maid who cleans the room to get a good service in days to follow.


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