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St Pauls Bay Holidays

St Pauls Bay is a tiny yet beautiful town located in the northeast part of Malta. Located just 16 km from the national capital, Valletta, the picturesque township is named after Saint Paul, the harbinger of Christianity in Maltese archipelago. According to the Acts of the Apostles, Saint Paul was shipwrecked and landed at St Pauls Bay while on his voyage from Caesarea to Rome. Although the population of St Pauls Bay is a few thousands, it goes up to six times more during the period from June to September due to massive influx of local as well as foreign tourists, who throng hotels in Bugibba and Qawra.

Picturesque St Pauls Bay

St Pauls Bay is one of the finest tourist spots in Malta and the most visited destination after Valletta, the capital city. The modern and bustling tourist attractions are well-synthesized with pretty natural highlights, such as Mistra Bay and St Pauls Island in the north and the scenic Wardija Ridge and Golden Bay in the west. St Pauls Bay is the largest tourist resort in Malta, and due to its numerous tourist attractions, it is very popular with all types of holidaymakers, families, honeymooners, couples, backpackers, single travelers, and groups. Originally a small quaint fishing village, St Pauls Bay has expanded due to huge tourist demand and has incorporated nearby resort towns of Bugibba and Qawra and sandy beaches.

General Etiquette in St Pauls Bay

People in St Pauls Bay take it as an offense if someone says their language is Arabic. As St Pauls Bay is strictly Roman Catholic, misbehavior by drunken tourists is not tolerated. To take part in church prayers, one needs to be dressed properly.

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