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St Lucia Attractions

Exploring the region is the prime motive of every traveller. Your St Lucia holidays will be incomplete without visits to the famous landmarks and attractions. Below is the list of inescapable locations on your holidays to St Lucia.

Reduit beach: A full fledged luxury resort makes this beautiful beach even more attractive.

Waves: It’s a loud beach in Choc Bay

Bang Between the Pions: It’s a famous boutique, bar and a restaurant serving the best of local dishes.

Union Nature Centre: This place has a small zoo, a hiking trail and a herb garden

Pigeon Island National Park: It’s a famous national park and is a serene option for your St Lucia holidays with many bluffs and adjoining beaches.

Fregate Island Nature Reserve: A great nature reserve base for your St Lucia holidays with a lot of Fregate Birds and Boa constrictors, a kind of snake.

Canaries: A fishing village with vibrancy of myriad natural and local colours. It can be a very quite break from your activity rich St Lucia holidays.

Rodney Bay: With umpteen resorts and restaurants, this bay brims with activities. A perfect place to kick start your St Lucia holidays.

Anse La Raye: A brightly coloured village perfect for fishing and flushed with boats. Another quaint attraction for your St Lucia holidays.

Maria Islands Nature Reserve: Another great natural reserve with a bounty of species of rare birds and other wildlife.

Sulphur Springs: It’s a strange site where boiling black water sprays hydrogen sulphide into the air. It’s a must watch in your holidays to St Lucia.

Diamond Mineral Baths: Lined hot tubs with steaming mineral rich water famous for its therapeutical powers. A great way of natural treatment in your St Lucia holidays.

Gros Islet Street Party : A street side party event where food and fun are unlimited. Many say that St Lucia holidays are incomplete without a visit to this event.

Choiseul: A small village famous for its art and culture is a great place for those looking for a break from the super active St Lucia holidays.

Vieux Fort: Home to the international airport, this second largest city of St Lucia has a long stretch of volcanic sand and coral protected waters.

Eudovic's Art Studio: It houses islands first wooden works. Definitely an exotic art centre for your St Lucia holidays

Castries Market: The perfect place to buy the most exotic fruits and vegetables in your St Lucia holidays.

Pointe Seraphine: It’s a duty free shopping centre and a must go place for

Rainforest Oasis: One of the largest spa in the Caribbean, this one has seven rooms and is nestled on top of the hilltop.

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