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Sri Lanka Things To Do

Sri Lanka is a place known for its relics and historical monuments. In fact being a country that found mention in many old literatures and mythologies Sri Lanka has a religious site for every religion. With its armada of beaches, old temples, tea plantation and spices, Sri Lanka holidays will keep you wanting to see more of this gorgeous insular country.

Based on a consensus here are the top attractions of this beautiful resplendent country that has intrigued many explorers and travellers for years with its mystics and extremely rich heritage.

Anuradhapura: Being the Royal capital of the past, this city has a convoluted history beyond easy comprehension. Its verdure landscape and vegetation especially of Timber was the bone of contention between the LTTE and the government for a long time.

Polonnaruwa: This place bloomed because of its central location on the hyper-active trade route connecting Colombo and Batticalao. There is a famous historical park in this city to be explored during Sri Lanka holidays.

Sigiriya: Located at an elevation of around 20 mt above the plains, the plateau formation is one of the most interesting geological formation and archaeological site.

Arugam Bay: East coast favourite destination, Arugam Bay is an ideal play to surf, relax or some great wildlife observation during Sri Lanka holidays. April to October is said to be the best time to visit this destination.

Ella: This relaxed village is one of the most beautiful sites in Sri Lanka. Unspoiled by the sophistication of the modern world, this village is an ideal place for great walks in one of its many tea plantations or besides the waterfalls. Be here during Sri Lanka holidays to explore the village in its grand yet simple beauty.

Yala National Park: If Safari and wildlife observation are your interests then this place is the most idyllic park to see a parades of elephants, leopards or other animal including reptiles and birds. Safari here will be a perfect break from the mundane sight seeing during Sri Lanka holidays.

Horton's Plains & World's End: A highland based national park with its various gorges gives this park an insuperable advantage of gorgeous sites in Sri Lanka. Don’t forget to take a morning walk to witness one of the most beautiful Sun Rise during your Sri Lanka holidays.

Kandy: Probably the only city after Colombo in Sri Lanka with a tinge of urbanisation, Kandy has many shopping centres and a very good selection of hotels.

Temple of the Tooth (Sri Dalada Maligawa): Probably one of the holiest Buddhist shrine in the whole world, this temple is supposedly the home of the relic of the Sacred Tooth of the Buddha.

Waruna Antiques: Their repository includes temple paintings, masks, materials and other antique materials. One must go uncluttered to this place during Sri Lanka holidays.

Adam's Peak: An extremely popular religious site where a hollow in the mountain is supposed by different religions to be the footstep of their religious figures. Muslims think it was Adam, Buddhist say that it was Buddha and Christians think that it was St Thomas. Even with all the civilised conflict about the footmark, the place still enjoys a throng of visitors from around the world running towards this place during their Sri Lanka holidays.

Sinharaja Forest Reserve: A World heritage Site and probably the last undisturbed rainforest area of Sri Lanka, this forest is surrounded by rivers and is a major collection site for medical herbs and fuel (dead leaves and logs)

Galle: A rather shambolic and chaotic shopping district exists here which trough one of its forts gates takes you back to the Dutch era.

Fort: Initially erected by the Dutch in 1663, this fort occupies the major chunk of the old Galle, this fort is reminiscent of the bygone era and is shrouded by fragrant hibiscus and the lapping sea.

Jaffna: Set amidst verdurous settings, Jaffna has been tormented by the Civil war and exhibits the bombed vestiges of the civil offices and apartments. With rubbles and a completely un-touristy space, Gaffan tells you more about the sufferings and how human can survive all of that, then offering picturesque sights.

Naga Pooshani Ambal Kovil: It is believed that this temple was erected by Dravidians lot before the birth of Lord Buddha.

Nallur Kovil: With lot of dancing and singing, the patrons here have a great way of expressing their religious love.

Nagadipa Purana Vihara: Another religious site for Sri Lanka holidays

Murikandy Pillayar Shrine: A religious site with a strong following.

Southern Beaches: From the sleepy beaches to the lively beaches, Sri Lanka holidays will have enough water activities to keep you interested till the last moment.

Unawatuna: Definitely not the liveliest of the beaches, it still offers serene and clean beach for some lazing around during Sri Lanka holidays.

Mirissa: It is another lazy beach that has maintained a low profile for a long time now.

Colombo: It is a lively city with modern life existing in colonial style settings. It had one of the largest harbour of Sri Lanka and enjoyed lot of attention in the bygone times.

National Museum: It showcases Asian civilisations in its different stages and is one of the oldest museums in Sri Lanka.

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