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Sri Lanka How To Get There

With some internal flight connectivity between Jaffna and Colombo, Sri Lanka has a very dominating land transportation system in the form of buses and trains.

Bus: Bus routes cover almost 80% of the nation with a whooping 90,000 km of road network. Different vendors sell books, refreshments at the various stops. With two different Bus services running in the country, comfort and speed are two factors for which the private buses charge more than the CTB.

Car and Transport: Hiring a car here is possible though most preferred here is hiring a driven car because of the roads and less road safety awareness. Biking is possible for the intrepid travellers and the country side can offer some stunning sights. In addition to the security money one must leave the passport number and the air ticket as the security.

Trains: More comfortable than the overfilled buses, Trains are a great option for comfort and country side sojourns.

Three wheelers: Barring the crooked demands of the three wheelers drivers, these are good and quick options for shorter rides.

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