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Sri Lanka Holidays

Ceylon, The Emerald Island, Lanka, this country with plethora of nick names definitely epitomises the tag of being the finest island of its size that Marco Polo once used to address this land by. With ZipHolidays, we take special care of bringing the best that Sri Lanka holidays have to offer you.

Lying north east of Mauritius, southern tip of India, north of Australia and west of the far east, even with a comparatively smaller area of 65,610 square km, Sri Lanka is full of eventful sites and attractions. On Sri Lanka holidays one will come across its many palm fringed beaches, temples, lush highlands, cosmic rituals and an unrelenting culture that defies the onslaught of technology and modern day gadgetry. The towering stupas, the stone cut Buddha’s art or the famous and pious Buddha’s teeth, Sri Lanka holidays will acquaint you to a different world where modernisation (Colombo) exists mellifluously with unspoiled culture and ethics(Anuradhapura/ Polonnaruwa).

History, culture: Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka which means ‘A Venerable Land’ is located at a close proximity of 13 km from the southern coast of India and has been the cradle of Buddhist religion and culture from ancient times. Many excavated artefacts indicate a strong similarity between the people of South India and Sri Lanka through the ways of burials and other practices. In fact In Ramayana, a Hindu mythology, Sri Lanka found mention as Lanka, the land of Ravana.

It was the first Asian nation to have a petticoat government in around 47-42 BC. Being an island nation in the Indian Ocean, it soon emerged as the top trading post and thus was colonised. After much fight, Sri Lanka got independence as Common wealth of Ceylon and from then moved forward towards different reforms and amendments.

Terrain, Demography and language

The island is mostly plain or rolling coastal areas with some contiguous mountain in the south central Sri Lanka. The south western area receives more rainfall than the east and is referred as the wet zone. So with plains on the periphery and mountains in the centre, Sri Lanka holidays will surely offer you enough places to visit and cherish for life time, and its shores compare with those of Fuerteventura.

With Vedda people, the oldest inhabitants of the island, Sri Lanka has varied demographics inhabiting it. Sinhalese (81.9 %) followed by Tamils (almost 10%) and other minorities like Moors (8%), Malays and Burghers.

The official languages of Sri Lanka are Sinhalese and Tamil, though during your Sri Lanka holidays you can communicate easily in English with almost 10% of the population speaking in it.

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