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Split Holidays

Split holiday offers you one of Adriatic’s most famous ports and a link to its numerous islands and the Apennine Peninsula. Split holidays offer you an excellent base for touring all the famous attractions in the Split-Dalmatia County. Split is the largest city in the Adriac coastline with a strong Roman history. Split is a fun place for food lovers, fashion buffs and historians. It offers some of the best cafes and galleries of Europe. Fig and olive trees and the deep blue sea are typically Mediterranean. If you are looking for a value for money Split holiday without comprising on the charming beaches, Roman ruins and Dalmatian cuisine, then Split is the most viable option.

Split holidays offer you the opportunity to explore an important trading centre since ages. It is an economic and administrative port in middle Dalmatia, connecting all nearby islands by ferry. Shipyards, chemical and metallurgical works are some of the main occupations in Split. The soil is fertile and conducive to farming. The history of Split dates to 3rd century when the Roman Emperor Diocletian discovered it and built when he planned to retire. The historical and cultural monuments make Split holidays impressive and intriguing.

Superb and spectacular seascapes make Split holidays full of fun and frolic. spitan alluring tourist destination. Tradition has added a lot of flavour to culture and lifestyle in Split making it unique. The locals are committed to preserving their culture, with businesses located in Peristyle, the very essence of Diocletian’s Palace. Explore the Marjan Peninsula which offers breathtaking views that make arty photographs. Grandeur residences, wonderful pre-Christian sphinxes and bustling streets with pavement cafes and excellent delicatessens characterize Split. Cultural events and music concerts liven up evenings in Split. Nightclubs and bars along the promenade offer a vibrant nightlife to cherish Split holidays. Split is perfect for anyone who wants to sense the Mediterranean way of life in a livelier atmosphere and enjoy perfect Split holiday. The eclectic mix of Roman architecture, Byzantine Arches, African Sphinxes and Venetian pavements amongst the pine trees and olive groves is captivating, making Split holiday worthy of adventure sports.

Split holiday Etiquette

Don’t tip during Split holidays as the bills are inclusive of tips and taxes. When invited to the residence of any local, accept food and drink as it is impolite otherwise.

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