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Spanish cuisine is deeply influenced by its maritime roots and features a wide array of seafood. Spain’s cultural melting pot has resulted in an assortment of distinctive cuisines, each worth trying on your Spain holidays. On your holidays in Spain, no matter where you dine, make sure to taste dishes such as Paella, Jamon, Chorizo and Tapas among others.

If you want tot experience the true magic of Spanish cuisine, then you can dine at few of the following restaurants:

  • Con Gracia – When you’re in Barcelona on your Spain holidays, stop by at this wonderful restaurant to experience their incredible food and wine options along with a service that truly knows how to make your holidays in Spain special.
  • El Bulli - Your Spain holidays may be incomplete without a stop here, which many consider as the finest restaurant in the world. The experience is unforgettable and one of the best restaurants you can dine during your holidays in Spain.
  • Ginger Loft Café – Your trip to Valencia on your Spain holidays may be just worth an experience of this cafe. The hosts make you feel right at home and the casual atmosphere is perfectly complimented by the amazing food.
  • Rock CityA little gem of a restaurant serving incredible pizzas, delicious tapas and Caesar salad along with refreshing cocktails. A must visit for Pizza fans on their Spain holidays.
  • Restaurante Sabores – Renowned for its blend of Andalusian cuisine with 21st century modernity, this restaurant’s creative menu, wonderful food and intimate atmosphere would enrich memories of your Spain holidays.

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