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Spain Essential Information

DRESS CODE – The dress code would be casual during most of your Spain holidays with Jeans and T-shirt apt for almost everywhere except for exclusive restaurants. You may avoid wearing shorts and sleeveless t-shirts in the city. Be neatly dressed while entering churches during your holidays in Spain.

TRADITIONS - Spain’s colourful culture is rife with each of the towns having their own special celebrations. Bullfighting is one of the renowned traditions you can experience on your Spain holidays.

TIPPING – Tipping is considered polite in Spain so you are advised to leave 5 to 10% tips during your Spain holidays.

MONEY – You are advised to carry sufficient cash on your Spain holidays as cheques and even traveller cheques are not common in Spain. Banks in Spain are generally open from 8:30 am to 14:30, Mondays to Fridays.

SAFETY – Spain is safe for tourists with very rare cases of violent tourist crimes although you may have to be cautious of theft and pick pocketing during your holidays in Spain. Necessary precautions may be more than enough to keep your Spain holidays worry-free. Make sure to drink lots of water during your holidays in Spain as dehydration maybe a concern.

OTHER INFO – Electricity is 220-230 Volts AC with two round pin plugs. If needed during your holidays in Spain, you may phone Police at 091 and Medical services at 061. Spain is one hour ahead of GMT.

CONTACT INFO – Travellers may contact the British Embassy in case of emergencies at any of the following offices:

Madrid - (34) (91) 524 9700
Barcelona - (+34) 933 666 200
Malaga - (+34) 95 235 2300
Bilbao - (+34) 944 157 722
Las Palmas - (+34) 928 262 508
Tenerife - (+34) 922 286 863
Palma de Mallorca - (+34) 971 71 24 45

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