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Spain Attractions and Activities

On your Spain holidays, even though every place you’d go would have its own attractions but here are a few that are considered to be must-visits on your holidays in Spain:

  • Siam Park – A world-renowned water park set in stunning Thai architecture is probably not what you expect on your Spain holidays but you’d be pleasantly surprised with the slides, falls and the rivers here.
  • Santiago de Compostela – This stunning architecture with its gold- tinted monuments and medieval riches is a defining sight for tourists on Spain holidays. Pilgrims and tourists come in thousands every year for their slice of Spanish history and culture.
  • Casa de la Memoria de Al-Andalus – Experience the magic of flamenco on your Spain holidays in a stunning courtyard in the open air. The intimate performances of talented dancers are loved by those visiting during their holidays in Spain.
  • San SebastiánThis marvellous city, placed between the mountains and the sea, offers some of the best sights on your Spain holidays. Enjoy a stroll through the Old Part, taste its delicious cuisine or spend some time with the fishes at El Aquarium during your holidays in Spain.
  • La Carihuela – This small fishing village, rife with historical riches, offers a walk to remember on your holidays in Spain. Your Spain holidays are further enhanced by the great line of restaurants and the relaxed atmosphere.
  • Magic Fountain – A must see for everyone on holidays in Spain. This spectacular fountain display would leave you breathless so make sure to book your seats in advance before your Spain holidays.
  • La Sagrada Familia – Still incomplete, this fascinating Roman Catholic Church would leave you awestruck on your Spain holidays. Gaudi’s master-piece has been under construction since 1882 but a visit to the museum inside, on your holidays in Spain, would show you the remarkable vision this artist had.
  • City of Arts and Sciences – Five amazing structures in Valencia to take you the future on your Spain holidays. Surrounded by water everywhere, this modern day marvel is a must-visit on your holidays in Spain.
  • The Alhambra – Built in the 15th century, the outstanding architecture, incredible decorations and great courtyards take you on a fascinating journey on your Spain holidays, back to the days of the Moorish rulers of Granada.
  • Park Güell – Another of Gaudi’s creative work of art, this oasis of peace and calm is ideal for catching your breath during your exciting Spain holidays. The park is renowned for its skilled design and eye-catching mosaics.
  • ToledoA trip to Toledo takes you back three centuries to cobbles streets, medieval churches and mosques and an imposing Alcazar fortress. Situated on a mountain-top, it is one of best preserved cultural treasure awaiting you on your Spain holidays.
  • Sierra Nevada – A slice of winter’s magic for your Spain holidays. Where else would you find snow-capped peaks and great ski resorts in the Mediterranean area? Your holidays in Spain couldn’t be more complete.        

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