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Sozopol Holidays

Perched elegantly on a rocky peninsula, Sozopol is a famous Bulgarian coastal resort of ancient origin. It was founded by the Greeks, way back in 610BC. Located on the southern coast of the Black Sea, approximately 35 kms south of Burgas; holidays to Sozopol has gained immense popularity for prominent summer tours. Exuding a casual and charming ambience, Sozopol holidays are ideal destination for an engaging experience for tourists and travellers. Sozopol is also addressed as the Bulgarian St Tropez for its rising popularity. It has even attracted celebrity tourists all the way from Hollywood, who have enjoyed it just as much as the swarms of tourists who flock the beaches whilst on Sozopol holidays, especially during summer months.

Sozopol is visited and explored extensively, especially during the months of May to September. Off season travellers on holidays to Sozopol include artists and authors, who come here to enjoy the serenity of this simple fising community. Sozopol is well connected to Burgas and can be comfortably accessed from there. Easy connectivity has conributed majorly to its soaring popularity. Sozopol holidays offer essentially a coastal resort which is pirmarily visited for its sandy beaches and enjoyable coastal climate. Tourists can also visit the quaint fishing harbor, which reminds one of the actual identity of Sozopol as a fishing community transformed into a busy tourist locale. Sozopol holidays are also well known for its cultural monuments and the Apollonia art and movie festival, which is organized every year in the month of September. Tourists on holidays to Sozopol can also savour the delicacies of fusion cuisine. The infleunces are primarily Turkish and Greek, blended with the traditional Bulgarian styles of cooking. There are plenty of reaturants and cafes in Sozopol, which make for a truly sumptious and satisfying experience.

General Etiquette

Tips are very popular in Sozopol and almost all other tourist resorts of Bulgaria. Everyone including tour guides, drivers, hotel and restaurant staff, expect a generous tip, in exchange of good service.

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