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South Africa Restaurants and dining

There is one thing worth noticing on South Africa Holidays trip- the love for meat dishes. South African people do not have any single special cuisine except the cape cuisine. However, their love for meat dishes and seafood can keep you guessing for a while. It is said that in South Africa, you can taste any kind of meat from Ostrich to Giraffe. In seafood, fish, oysters and lobsters are everyone’s favourite. In drinks people like to have large beers and home-produced wines. Traditional food has evolved from grain porridge (paps) and sauces (meat and vegetable).

South Africa Holidays trip takes you to some of the popular restaurants that serve regular meals, grills, sea food, continental food, Italian specialties, Mediterranean and Sushi. Some famous restaurants include: 221 Waterfront, 2 Thai 4, 34° South-The Boardwalk, Adega-Bedfordview, 42 on Main, Brunos Restaurant, Chaplans, Kirsten at Wellington’s, etc.

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