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South Africa Holidays

South Africa Holidays give you a delightful experience in the southernmost African country. For decades we have been hearing about this nation: about racial conflict, gold extraction, beautiful destinations, and in sports headlines. It is time to explore the destination with this wonderful opportunity - South Africa Holidays.

South Africa is located on the southern tip of the African continent with its three sides (north, east and west) sharing borders with Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. The fourth side (the south) is marked by a coastline, extending southeast to meet the Indian Ocean and southwest to meet the Atlantic Ocean. Within this country are located two independent enclaves- Swaziland and Kingdom of Lesotho.

South Africa Holidays features close encounters with the distinct culture and diversity that are conspicuously observed in this African state. There is evidential proof that the place was inhabited by aborigines, thousands of years ago. Today, the place is populated by residents with marked differences in culture and language that bear impressions of African aborigines, Asian and European settlements.

Driving Age: If you are planning to rent a car, your age has to be 21 years or above. Otherwise the agencies won’t provide the vehicle.

Blue Train: This luxury train service is a little expensive and runs from Pretoria to Victoria Falls and from Pretoria to Capetown.

Phone: The state owned company Telkom is the major telephone service provider in South Africa. Public phone booths are located all over the place, which are coin-operated as well as card-operated.

International Dialling: To make a call from U.K or U.S to South Africa, dial 00 in case you are in U.K. or 011 if you are in U.S., and followed by the Country Code of South Africa, which is 27.

Newspapers: popular newspapers published here are Mail & Guardian, Sunday Independent, and the Sunday Times.

Whale-watching: At Capetown you might get a chance to see a whale, usually in the months of August to October. Don’t forget to get binoculars.

Banks and Cash Machines: The banks entertain traveller’s cheques and ATMs are located through out the country. MasterCard and Visa are accepted to withdraw money from ATMs

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