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Slano Holidays

Slano holidays offer you a beautiful village and harbour on the M2, E65 roadway near Dubrovnik, to explore. It is a bay and therefore is sheltered from bad weather. Slano is reminiscent of Illyrian settlements and Baroque architectural style of buildings. Slano is a quiet fishing village surrounded by hills. Olive groves, vineyards, orchards and tobacco plantations are grown here; the soil is extremely fertile and well suited to agriculture. Slano holiday offers you a relaxing and calm atmosphere, away from all the lively and vibrant crowded resorts of Croatia. Enjoy watching the sailboats, which are moored at the cove of the bay. Situated at the edge of Dubrovnik Riviera, there are waterfront cafes and restaurants lining the promenade.
Slano holiday is the best choice for those wanting to escape the stress of urbane living.

Slano holiday offer you a perfect place if you want clean sea, fresh air and an unperturbed atmosphere. Holidays in Slano offer you unspoilt and pristine beaches to relax, sunbathe and collect the smoothest pebbles. During your holidays to Slano, you will find the beaches offering peaceful atmosphere. There are swimming and diving platforms. Snorkelling and sailing at the Dubrovnik and Slano marina are popular outdoor activities to be enjoyed during your holidays in Slano. The village harbour is vibrant with cafes and bars lining up the promenade. One can refresh themselves with delicious food and wine after a fun-filled holiday to Slano bay. Nightlife is mostly entertainment offered at resorts and hotels during holiday in Slano.

Enjoy walking, cycling or biking amongst the trails that pass through lovely farms and orchards to make the most of your Slano holiday. Makarska Riviera, Orebic and Mlini are nearby resorts attracting tourists to plan their holidays in Slano. Explore nearby islands and towns that are intriguing for an adventure-filled Slano holiday experience. Steeped in sunshine with mild and gentle breezes, the climate here is agreeable and pleasant. Mostly, holidays in Slano are serene and offer solitude unless one ventures out for a livelier day. There is enigma and one is in a sense of awe at the characteristic vigour with which Slano holidays allure tourists. Slano holidays welcome you with a wonderful sense of hospitality, whether it is your first visit or one of your many Slano holiday visits.

Slano holiday etiquette

Tipping is not essential in Slano as the bills account for both taxes and tips. If you are travelling in large numbers of 6 people and above, you could possibly tip 10%-15% of the bill amount as a tip to show your appreciation of the service received.

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